The user profile server failed the logon

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If you see this error while trying to log in a windows PC, check this solution posted by microsoft. It works, trust me. By the way, I’ve tried method 1…

Microsoft Support

MS outlook. Emails autocompletados

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Como bien sabrán, las direcciones de correo electrónico que van introduciendo en el outlook quedan almacenadas localmente en la PC. Pero es poco conocido que el lugar exacto es C:\Documents and Settings\(nombre de usuario)\Datos de programa\Microsoft\Outlook y el formato en el que se guardan es n2k.
De todos modos, encontré un software que busca el archivo n2k y lo exporta como .csv o .txt lo cual permite generar un backup en excel o, mejor aún, importarlo al outlook. El nombre del programa es nk2info y lo pueden hallar en

ASUS eee Netbook drivers

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I never mention it, but I’m a happy owner of an ASUS eee 701 7 inch Netbook (which is the smallest in the market). It´s a pretty good piece of hardware. It has a SSD (solid state drive) of 4 GB (is to small, isn’t it?) which is remarcable fast and low-energy consumer (really good for battery-durability enhancement). 512 MB of memory are more than enough to accomplish my every day activities (like emailing, reading news, researching and listening to music. It is also capable of running security applications like nmap, & ettercap.
I have installed windows XP SP2 on the SSD and debian Lenny/Ubuntu Lucid on a microSD Card.
Someday (hopefully soon) I will make a post on how I optimized XP installation to run really fast on 660 Mhz machine (You might use this to revive an old PC).
The important thing is that I found the drivers for Windows & Linux for each ASUS eee PC. Here is the link

Anti-Virus Test

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I recently found the website of Independent IT Security Institute from the AV-Test GmbH company. This company has a vast experience in the area of anti-virus research and data security.
Although there is a lot of material in IT security in the page, sth called Certifications caught my attention. I have been taking a look into this and it´s very useful, because they test the a variety of AntiVirus Products and categorize them according to 3 main aspects: Protection, Repair and Usability
Also each AV product has a report sheet in which you can view the details of the testing results.
Therefore, next time you recommend an AV to a friend first check this website! In my case, when someone ask me for security advice I mention 3 excellent options: Avast, AVG or Avira (thanks to Maxi I have met with this one).
Here’s the website

Ten Windows Password Myths

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5 minutes ago I have finished reading an article foucesed in breaking down password myths. The author made interesting points on each myth. I have no doubt that if you like computer security you would find this reading as pleasant as I did.

Cambiar la ubicación de un perfil de Usuario en Windows 7

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Cuando instalamos una PC, muchas veces creamos una segunda partición para guardar allí información. Que mejor que poder redigir el perfil completo de forma tal que el Escritorio, Mis Documentos y todas las configuraciones del usuario se guarden en esa partición? De esta forma, si el sistema operativo falla no se pierde la información (y no vamos a necesitar recuperarla con alún live CD).
Dejo el link a la web que muestra como hacerlo.

Chequear seguridad de un password

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Microsoft, a través de su sitio Online safety pone a disposición un a herramienta on line que permite medir cuan “fuerte” o seguro es un password.
Dejo el enlance
Microsoft Online Safety