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This blog is intended to be my personal knowledge database
I am The Beast. I have an obsession to adquire knowledge. I am a voracious reader (novels, technical computer and science books). I like science specially computer science and math (but also interested in Astronomy). I am too rational and curious. My mind follows the rules of logic. Despite this facts and, believe it or not, I also like sports.
The idea of creating this blog born with the need of writing down notes, information (specially computer) of different kind in one place in order to preserve it. When I’ am doing research, a lot of things come up to me. If I´m not careful, I can forget something and if I need it in the future it would be a waste of time to do research that I already did.
Hope this blog is as helpful for you as it is for me

“There is no knowledge that is not power”.

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